Attorney David Rodriguez

Meet David Rodriguez, a seasoned immigration attorney with a journey that reflects dedication, resilience, and a passion for helping others navigate the complexities of immigration law. David entered the immigration field in 2009, initially as an Immigration Consultant. Over the years, David provided thousands of consultations and processed thousands of cases from all over the world. Seeing a career opportunity, he started law school in his 30s, working during the day and taking classes at night. In 2019, he passed the California Bar Exam and finally became an attorney at 40 years old. 

David continued his immigration career with the Law Office of Deron Smallcomb and Modern Law Group. There, he took on more complex cases, using his BA in English writing skills to prepare motions, briefs, waivers and appeals. He represented clients in court for Asylum and Cancellation of Removal in many jurisdictions across the country. Soon, he became the Lead Attorney for Modern Law Group’s San Diego office, where he managed a team of multi-national paralegals and trained new attorneys.

Despite this career success, David always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s a self-made, blue-collar New Yorker at heart. In January 2024, he began a new chapter in his life, taking a risk to start his own practice while traveling abroad to see all the places in the world he learned about from his clients.  

David Rodriguez is not just a lawyer who knows the theory, while his staff does all the work.  He’s a solo practitioner who’s been there, done that, from the clerical paperwork to advocating in front of a judge.  Now, he is prepared to provide real talk with video consultations and case representation through his website:

Also, check out his YouTube page:, where he posts informative videos about immigration topics.  

David looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience while he travels the world to help successfully navigate your immigration journey!

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Why ImmigrationConsultation.Lawyer?

*If you want to know your options, I will break it down for you

*If you want to self-file, I will help you with the paperwork

*If you want to hire me for a case, I will give you a fair price

*If I can’t take the case, I will refer you to a trusted colleague

I’ve said many times, “I can do my own oil changes, but I pay someone to do it.”  So, are you really going to browse the web through a hundred tutorials, file tons of paper work, and deal with multiple government agencies to bring your loved one on your own?  

I’ve also referenced Tom Petty by saying, “The waiting is the hardest part.” I can’t make the government go faster. Believe me, I’ve tried, but doing it right the first time can save you time. I’m not a fear tactic lawyer, so I won’t scare you into hiring me. Sure, some people can sort it out, but why waste all that time and stress wondering if you did it right?

Book a consultation and I will guide you through the process, assuring peace of mind for you and your loved one.

How It Works:

*Book a time on the calendar

*Provide notes when scheduling

*Receive confirmation email

*Connect via my confidential video meeting room

*Will provide supplemental info and references if needed

*Quote for representation at a reasonable rate

*The government allows for some online filings and others are paper only. For example, CR1 Marriage Visas can be filed online, while K1 Fiancee Visas are paper only. That could change in the future. I’ll consider a paper case, but you will have to mail the package to USCIS.  Consultations are for informational purposes only. 

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